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Lost in bulimia - is there hope?

by Hhelley
(St. Louis)

I have been bulimic since I was 15. I am now 40!

Is there really a way out of this hell? I have tried and tried... I'm waiting for something to click.

I desperately need some hope.

Shaye Says

Hi Shelley,

Yes, there definitely is hope - and there is a way out... But, it's not a quick journey... It's constant and persistent work... one step at a time...

Many people (me included, many times) give up on recovery because after a week they aren't seeing great change - and life is actually more difficult... It's pushing through these times and continuing to take action where you'll make the most change.

Recovering from bulimia is basically like re-wiring part of your brain... This is done through repetition over a reasonably long period of time...

The question is where on earth to start... I always suggest developing self kindness and working on structured eating... Both such key elements in bulimia recovery...

Self kindness is so important because - for example - how are you supposed to win a marathon if somebody kicks you whenever you're down... You need to uplift yourself, and be your own best friend. A good way to think of it is "How would you talk to your best friend, or a loved one, if they were in your position?" never underestimate the powers of persistently talking well to yourself!

Most importantly you need to know that recovery IS possible! I know a lady who recently recovered from bulimia after 20+ years - It wasn't due to something clicking... It was because she was persistent and took action. She started with structured eating.

I wish you believed in your own recovery as much as I believe it in :)

Keep in touch.


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