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losing weight?

by kaylee

I have another question...

I am keeping in 2 meals a day and binge/purging at night... Trying to get that under control desperately.... Anyways.... I'm actually loosing weight and I can see it now... I guess because my body is actually using my digestive tract?

Most bulimics would be happy about this but I can't stand it. I actually need to gain a LITTLE 5 to 8 pounds would do me good. seriously I am so skinny and now this is scaring me because I don't want to get skinnier and also it is making me binge because I feel like I might gain some weight like that but then I also purge so ugh Idk.

Did this happen to you? losing weight at first? My meals are healthy but are not like just a piece of fruit... I actually eat a sandwich or an English muffin and those kind of things... That's hard enough for me and I really can't bulk up on more right now while im trying not to purge ya know? So see where this gets difficult?

Do you think I'll stop losing weight once my body gets used to this? GRRR....also this is stressing me out to no end because I used to loveeeeee to run and work out and that has actually HELPED me to stop BP at times and now Im scared to work out and lose weight.

Working out also makes me feel beter about myself and less stressed so I like doing it (im not obsessed just like 2 times a week) I havent been to the gym in a week and a half because I'm scared but now I feel shitty and want to go... I may go and do like 5 min cardio warm up and weights... Ugh I want to be normal and not lose weight and Im struggling.... I just want to cry.... Please comment people I want some help...

Shaye Says

Hi Kaylee,

If you're losing weight it only means one thing... That your body is using more energy than your consuming... This is bad news for you because it means you need to consume more... but, good news because it means your digestive system is obviously kicking back into action! So focus on the positives in your situation... Your tummy is healing!

Many bulimics would love to be in your shoes - but obviously for you it's causing you a lot of stress and anxiety... If you managed to keep in your evening meals, you could likely stop losing weight. If you just hate the feeling if the food being in your tummy, then you could try adding some more energy-dense foods into your meals like avocados, nuts, butter - even some chocolate. These foods shouldn't make you too full but will help you to stop losing weight.

While your recovering you could also try some less energy - consuming workouts - like yoga? Yoga makes you feel awesome and so flexible!

I hope this helps Kaylee!

Bye for now,

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Author of
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