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Looking for support

by Lizard

I have had bulimia on and off since I was 16 (31 now). At times through my life it has consumed, like now. I am in Afghanistan, and the constant changes, insecurity and lack of support have made it worse (not to mention the buffett style dining facilities).

I relapsed a few years ago, after getting attacked in the middle of the night while living in another developing country. The feelings of loss of control, steered me right back to ED. However, it was exercise that soothed me and now it is food. I have gained a lot of weight and my self esteem is low. I feel like I never work, all I do is eat, purge and exercise(more purging).

I would love to tak to someone who is currently going through a hard time. I have never had support from others experiencing bulimia.

I want to get better, but now eating has become my salve and it is habit to purge everything I eat.

I want help. I really do. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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