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Living With Bulimia: Memories From my Decade of Bulimia & How Recovery Healed my Heart

Living with bulimia made me feel like I was in a constant race...

Life was fast and 10 years of bulimia went by in the blink of an eye.

10 years that I could not get back. Thousands of pounds of candy, chocolates, chips that filled the void of my empty heart.

Living with bulimia made my life fast and empty. You know what I mean - don't you?

beautiful, bulimia recovery.

Bulimia recovery... Wow, it opened my eyes to all the confusion, pain, beauty and LOVE that I had been pushing away for so long!

As I learnt to nourish my body and soul again, I began to open my eyes to how beautiful this world truly is...

As it's written in my favorite poem, The Desiderata...

"Despite it's sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world"

Facing life can be hard at times, but holy heck, it's worth it - This world is magnificent!

Bulimia closes our eyes to the pain of the world - but it also closes our eyes to it's beauty!

It closes our eyes to OUR OWN beauty...

We are all precious human beings on this planet. We deserve to live this life and experience it's full spectrum of emotions...

We do not need bulimia to numb us through this journey.

You have the strength within you to overcome life's challenges and to celebrate life's blessings!

Bulimia recovery can help you unleash this inner strength of yours :)

Bulimia recovery helps you to enjoy life... To be present in this moment. To be grateful for this moment.

Recovering from bulimia has helped me love life, love myself and love other people - with such enthusiasm and intensity.

Living with bulimia may feel safe... but living without bulimia feels passionate.

It feels real.

You deserve this too.

Beautiful girl, Take a Step Towards Recovery

Allow yourself to do one thing today that take you a step closer to this beautiful life of freedom...

What you decide to do is up to you... But remember, taking a step today will help unlock the door to a life of love and passion.

Beautiful girl, take this step. You deserve it.



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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