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Living the lie of bulimia

by Lisanne
(South Africa)

It wasn't me (Yea rite)

It wasn't me (Yea rite)

Bulimia makes you lie.

You lie to hide why you eat so much...

"This is the first time I've eaten today - I'm so hungry!" (Yea rite... I binged just 20 minutes ago)

You lie about where you're going...

"I'm going to visit a friend" (Yea rite... I'm going to the public toilets to make yourself sick)

You lie about who ate all the food...

"Dad, my friends ate it last night when they came round" (Yea rite... I scoffed tomorrow nights family dinner down - all alone)

Bulimia lies make life so complex.

They make me exhausted.

Nothing is simple or straight forward like it used to be.

Everything is twisted to accommodate my bulimia.

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