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Little girl - everything will be alright

by anni

I am 29 and suffer from bulimia since i am 18. Strangely enough, i wanted to have an eating disorder since i was 15. I didn't want to have bulimia though and would have much more preferred to be anorexic because i thought it is something to strive for. All the anorexic girls were beautiful and i thought their lives are perfect because they are skinny and get all the attention.

I was on the edge of being anorexic but turned it to bulimia after i was too scared about the way i was going down.

Since then i had three years of one on one therapy and the best thing therapy gave me was a feeling of self again. I could see something behind my outer appearance when i looked in the mirror.

But i never fully recovered and i am currently in a group therapy. I hate the bulimia most of the times and i feel an incredible sense of sadness when i think about my lost years and how sick i was.

I do consider myself in a quite good position now but i am terrified that i will never fully recover.

I know there is no easy fix but i wish i would know what the final steps are i need to do to fully recover...

Shaye Says

Hi Anni,

Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you have already done some amazing work towards recovery... You should be proud of yourself for it :)

You might find the practical steps I share in my free video course helpful... I teach you a few of the basics I think are essential for permanent lifelong recovery. To download my course, please visit this page.

Keep going girl - I promise that every challenge along the way is worth it!


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