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life in circles


I have a battle against bulimia since 2008... it have been so painful, its not like everybody can see what I´ve pass trhought because the physical signs are not that visible... I dont have only horrible teeth, inside of me I live in worry, every day as soon as I wake up I try to be positive and to keep in mind "today its going to be a good day, Im not going to vomit.. Im going to eat properly" but that inner fight is exhausting... when you lose against yourself you feel like nothing is worth it, the negative thoughts play their part, and thats when I do self injury, I never thought I could be capable of doing something like that, after episodes like those I just feel even worse because I know everything is wrong and I get so tired of wasting my life like that... after cry a bit I decide to go to bed and rest... and then in the morning I repeat to myself "its going to be a good day..." but sometimes iT's like living in circles without a possible exit.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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