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life as a bulimic

by chels

it all started when there were major family problems, i wasnt ever happy yes i seemed like it but i was only hiding who i truly was.. although everyone else in my family was fine, it really hurt me and when i got called names by my bf and he told me he never loved me and cheated on me, that was it, the end my life i thought was over, i laid in my bed hoping to never wakeup but i did and tried to force myself to sleep but instead it lead to more tears and eventually i turned emo...i thought the pain would take my mind off of everything and for a while it did until things got worse and cutting didnt help as much so i started starving myself because i thought about food and nothing else which kept my mind off of things but i got SO hungry i couldnt take it so i ate soo much and it made me sick and feel even worse i hated myself for it so i drunk 1/2 gallon of water then i threw up everything i ate and i felt better because i was empty so i kept binging and purging it made me feel good but i didnt know the effects of it...once when i blacked out and woke up on the floor i promised i wouldnt ever do it again...but as the next day came along, things didnt change i felt miserable and hated myself for doing it but as usual i hid it from everyone and im still doing it today but not as much, im trying to start fresh but we know how hard that is): well you shared your story and heres mine thanks for reading(: good luck to all... LETS DEFEAT BULIMIA TOGTHER!!(:

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