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Lies, lies, lies

by Sofia

Hi, my name is Sofía, and I am from Argentina, so please excuse me if a can not express myself right. I've got hundreds of horrible and shameful bulimia stories that are very hard to remember. I remember once I was in my friend's house, alone for the day because she asked me to watch her little baby sister while she was out, and I just couldn't help eating almost EVERY single cookie pack there was in her home. I also ate all of the chocolate bars that she kept, and after that, of course, I puked till it hurt. I realized she was gonna notice everything when se goy back so I left the baby ALONE so that I could go to the market and replace all the food again. It's really horrible because you fill you absolutely loss all your control :( Luckily, I'm a little bit better now, since last year I realized I couldn't continuing living like this, so I told my mom and boyfriend who are really more than a blessing for me and my problem :)

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