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let me out OF BULIMIA

by Nastya
(Russsia NN)

2 years ago i decided to loose some weight,cause one day i realized that i WANT to be different.i need to be different,i have to.So i started to loose weight..after a year i lost from X kilos to X.And than one day I felt that I m soo hungry that I can eat an elephant.I went to the grocery store and get a pack o nuts.Then one more ,then one more again...and I kept eating till i finished all of those packs and than i realized that I just had 2000 calories in a few minutes.I even smiled at myself cause I thought it is funny how fast I eat it...I did not even think that it was the first step to the fucking world of bulimia,that I opened the door and put myself into this world with no way out.Then it happened again after a week and i did not like it cause my stomach was aching and i was so full so I decided to throw up my food..But it was not as easy as i expected ,I was lost and confused but then a ,,great idea'' came to mi mind i got bysacodil at the CVS,I worked very fast and I was empty after an hour.Then it happened again.Then again I started to overeat 1 time in two was like an endless circle-FOOD-THROWING UP-LAXATIVES-HUNGER.Than it started to happen more often like 1 time a week...2 times,3,4,5,every day....EVERY DAY like it is now..i m trying to analyze to find an answer why it is happening to me? Everytime i feel emotional sad nervous anxious I start to OVEREAT like I m crazy...and i have no idea if there is a way out.

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