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Lazy Bowel Syndrome was the result of my bulimia. Here's how I beat it...

I have memories of curling up in a ball and cursing my lazy bowel syndrome. 10 years of vomiting and abusing laxatives had messed up my digestive system big time.

Mega bloating, severe constipation and embarrassing wind... I had it all!

I longed to have a normal digestive system again. I longed for lazy bowel syndrome to become a thing of the past. The bloating and constipation was making my bulimia recovery so much more difficult...

It took me 1 year to fully recover from bulimia and lazy bowel syndrome. During that time, I discovered 5 handy tips to speed up my digestive system and ease the discomfort of my abused bowels. Here they are...


Tip 1: Avoid Foods that Make your Tummy Throw A Hissy Fit!

lazy bowel bulimiaIt's important to keep a diary of what foods don't agree with you... and what foods do. Carry a little pocket pad on you and note down what you eat and if it causes pain, bloating or constipation. This was an essential part of my recovery... I found foods that I could munch happily away at.. and foods that I avoided like the plague.

Everyone's 'plague-foods' are different... But, I've noticed that the majority of us have problems digesting cereals, wheat, dairy and heavy red meats.


Tip 2: Munch Mindfully, 5 times a day

lazy bowelTry to eat 5 small meals a day... Take your time to prepare them beautifully... Put thought and care into what you're making. Try to use healthy recipes that are high in fiber and nutrients.

Eating small meals of healthy wholesome foods will help you avoid bloating and get your lazy bowel moving. The meals won't sit heavily in your tummy because they'll be easier and quicker to digest.


Tip 3: high intensity resistance training is tops for revving up Your metabolism!

bulimia exerciseTry to move it, move it... Every day.

But, don't waste your time running on the treadmill for hours... That's not necessary. High intensity resistance training is the way to go. This means working out with heavy weights... As heavy as you can safely manage! This burns serious fat and speeds up your metabolism for 2 days!

You don't need to slog away at the gym for hours.. But a good 40 minutes of exercise will ease your lazy bowel syndrome dramatically.

Exercise also releases endorphins which make you feel happy. When you're feeling happy, you're less likely to feel like binging and purging...


Tip 4: Fiber, Fiber, Fiber

Eat plenty of foods that are high in fiber... Raw fruit and vegetables are perfect.

I try to eat at least 60% of my food as raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. My metabolism has never been better!

Some cereals are also high in fiber... But in my experience, they bloated and hurt my tummy. It might take time before you can handle them.


Tip 5: H20. Simple!

lazy bowel bulimiaWater is one of the best ways to get your bowels moving. Carry a bottle around with you all day - you'll be amazed at how much you drink without even trying.

Water is also excellent to help prevent binges. Sometimes our brains think we're hungry - but in fact we are just thirsty. Because of this confusion, dehydration can trigger binges.

Also, try to drink 3 cups of water about 30 minutes before you eat anything in the morning. This will really help to flush things out!


Do YOU know any other handy tips to kick a lazy bowel into Action?

The tips above are the ones I used to help kick my lazy bulimia metabolism back to life...

I am sure there must be tips that I don't know, or have missed...

If you know or have discovered a tip that helps with lazy bowel syndrome, please share it below :)


Share Your Lazy Bowel Tips!

Your tip will help so many others who are suffering in discomfort! Thank you for sharing!

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