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Lazy Bowel Syndrome: 3 Weird Tips to get you going!

bulimia bloatingI suffered from extreme lazy bowel syndrome during my 10 years of bulimia. My bowels went on strike and decided not to work any more.

This wasn't too bad when I'd thrown up all my food... But...

When I began my bulimia recovery and my bowels had to start working again - I had some serious problems...

After eating my tummy would blow up like a balloon. I looked 6 months pregnant! I was extremely uncomfortable... But most of all I felt revolting and fat...

I had serious bulimia bloat...


It took me 1 year to recover from bulimia. During this year I discovered a number of things that helped improve, and eventually cure my lazy bowel syndrome... I'd do them religiously every day. Some of them are a little weird... But...

I've always promised to be honest on this site - so here they are!


Tip 1: Tea, Tea, Tea (Doesn't only make you pee!)

Get out of bed and flick the kettle straight on... A hot drink is the perfect start to a lazy bowels day!

Peppermint or green tea is perfect.

Try to drink 2 or 3 cups about 30 minutes before eating. The more the better. This stimulates your digestive system and helps to flush out any left overs. It works like magic!


Tip 2: Asian Style Toilet Etiquette!

bulimia asian toiletTraditional Asians go to the toilet by squatting over a ceramic hole in the ground. They don't sit like us Westies do! My sister took this photo on our last trip to Thailand... She walked in and said 'What the hell is that!?'.

Think about how our ancient ancestors would have gone to the toilet... Squatting on the ground! Now you can see that Asian-style toilets make sense. For whatever reason, they make bowel movements flow naturally!


bulimia toiletOf course I don't expect you to rip out your existing loo, buy an asian toilet and re-do your bathrooms... There is a simple way to overcome our silly sitting toilets:

  1. Put a box or stool in front of the toilet and put your feet up onto it.
  2. Squat on your toilet (careful not to slip!).



TIP 3: Keep a food and bowel movements diary

I bet you've never analyzed your number 2's before!?

But, it's essential that you start!

Keep track of the food you eat and how it feels in your tummy. Also track when you go for number 2's. This will help you find foods that don't upset or bloat your tummy.

Eat more of these foods during your recovery from lazy bowel syndrome and bulimia.


Wow, a few years ago I'd would never have believed I'd be telling people how I go to the toilet... But there you have it - My 3 weirdest tips to recover from lazy bowel syndrome!





Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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