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Don't Let Laxative abuse Kill You...

laxative abuse

Laxative abuse is a scary and dangerous form of bulimia nervosa...

It's when you binge on food and then take laxatives to try and rid your body of the calories.

Laxative addiction or laxative bulimia follows the same binge and purge cycle as the other 2 forms of this illness... Where you throw up or obsessively exercise to lose calories you've consumed.

Bulimics feel full, stuffed and dirty after a binge. Once they purge by exercising, vomiting or taking laxatives they feel clean and empty again.


The similarities of these 3 forms of bulimia are:

Bulimics eat to comfort themselves. They eat to avoid facing emotional issues or problems. Bulimics also have a desperation to be thin... They believe that their weight is directly linked to their happiness and that a thin body is the answer to all their problems...

If I'm thin, I'll be happy...

If I'm thin, my husband will love me...

If I'm thin, I'll be more confident and get a better job...

It is the compulsion to eat for comfort and the desperation to be thin for acceptance that creates bulimia.


Dangers in Laxative Abuse

Abusing laxatives has a number dangerous side effects. Many can even cause death. Below are some of the complications caused by laxative addiction:


Abusing Laxatives Could make you Fat!

Why? Because they mess up your digestive system. Eventually, you'll get lazy bowel syndrome and have a hard time digesting food on your own. The food will sit in your tummy for ages and you'll digest every last calorie in it... To learn my top 8 tips on getting your bowels working again after laxative abuse, click here.

Laxatives won't even make you lose weight in the short term... You may notice the scales are slightly lighter... But that will only be from water loss in your body. You're dehydrated - and that's why you weigh less...

As soon as you have a drink of water - the weight will return!


How to recover from Laxative abuse

If you suffer from laxative addiction, it's important that you make the decision to get well. You need to dive 100% into your recovery. You need to do what it takes to succeed.

I understand it's hard to stop doing anything cold turkey. Especially something that has developed into an addiction. If you would like advice on how to recover from laxative bulimia, click here.

Shaye :)





Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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