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Laborer and bulimic shoplifter. (Long)

I have been working with a traveling carnival for about three weeks now and I CANT STOP STEALING FOOD. Every day before work we park just outside the midway in the middle of a small shopping center. (Dollar General, Save a Lot, etc..) I go in to the stores, multiple times before work and steal massive amounts of snack foods, sometimes even entire meals, small cakes and tubs of ice cream, even raiding the empoyee break room. If I dont sneak into the restroom with it all and binge and purge in there, I go back to a restroom in a KFC across the street (from which I was banned today for stopping up their comode costing them $400 and making it "smell like puke") They even alerted every other restaurant around them. Whenever I walk into another restaurant I hear "Don't stop up that comode, we heard about you." I heard it twice today.

At night I get drunk and walk around in a drunken stupor (I do it when I'm sober anyway) while everyone's asleep usually between 1 and 3 am and steal things (NOT from co workers,) I know people are gonna miss, I've acquired large cooler (with 8 beers still in it) and have it in my room, two lawn chairs in excellent condition, last night I found 7 and a half beers in a twelve case box. And moments ago I was caught stealing in a store in front of two co workers. Its only a matter of time before they start reviewing their security cameras here and I get fired and/or arrested and lose all my possesions here in the bunkhouse. I did this all the time back home too, only difference is I had a car so I'd hit up different Wal Mart and Targets all over the metroplex to avoid getting caught. I'm seriously thinking about dissapearing from this job and seeking help. I've lost pretty much every job Ive had to bulimia, I simply dont have the energy to exert myself in the labor jobs Im reduced to doing. (Im a high school dropout) But for the mean time I want to control myself and save some cash to get by after I leave. What are some things I can try to supress my impulses?

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