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Keeping in touch

Hi Shaye

Its Katie - just got your reply thanks for getting back to me so late i forgot the different times well its midday in the uk and iv'e read through your site again each bit is like telling my life story and i'm really sorry you have had to go through all of this exspecially from that young age.

It's true what i said though your site has helped me more than anyone so far and it's weird cause i don't know you but right now the warmest feeling to home i feel is when i read ur messages of reply just getting one back gives me some hope.

I really am gunna try all you have said i wanna kick away this nasty evil thing that goes on inside me... But as much as i say that i have to be honest and very ashamed to admit but i write this to you whilst eating and binging AGAIN and im not actually enjoying any of it as reading your stories and info of the site it actually makes me feel sick of what i'm doing to myself knowing of the dangers ahead :( (oh what i'd give to be able to sit and relax without feeling the need to binge and purge) then after my session as i say of binge and purge its time for an hours brisk walk which i have to do everyday along with a gym routine six days a week.. But it's freezing cold out and its raining so im dreading my walk today :( but as you know my mind can't rest til it's done.

I'm 5ft 2 and 6 stone 11lb so i'm quite small that the cold hits me badly. I've spent £25 already today and it's only midday i have no career anymore as my binge and purge got so bad that I lost my job and wasn't strong enough to carry on as a beauty therapist.

I've been in the worst mood all week which is causing my relationship to fall apart I'm feeling a failure and an absolute low life.

I did have my cereal today which I kept down before my gym session so thats good i'm gunna try so hard with yur tips. I'm looking to get my teeth done too as they have worn away slowly. Did you wait until you were recovered to replace your teeth?

Also, shaye I realise your not an agony aunt but would I be able to maybe keep in touch a little with you via the site? It just would help me I think as I feel a good connection with you and trust your words... If you are too busy that's fine but thanks again for your site I hope one day I can write up that im a recovery too :) and yes ill share my stories with your site no probs

Love katie xxxx

Shaye Says

Hi Katie!

Of course you can keep in touch via the site... In fact, I'd love it if you did :)

I've set up a page for you which you can view here:

Whenever you have a question or diary post (just to share how you're going/feeling) please, write it out - and send it to me... I'll post it and reply asap. Normally i'll be able to do it each day - unless I'm away for the weekend :)

If you don't mind writing a little story for your journal page just about when your bulimia started and why you want to recover, etc... I'll put it above your form... It'll help this page make sense to other people who read it.

Your question about when I got my teeth done... Well, I had the first lot done when I was about 18... so that was 2 years before my recovery... Then once I was well on my way to recovering (and knew that it would only get better and better) I spent more money to get them fixed 100%... I've been relatively trouble free since - but had to have a root canal from a tooth that died a few months ago... One day they'll probably all be fake - but thank God for good dentists!

I'm looking forward to working with you along the exciting road of recovery!

Speak soon! :)


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