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kaylah's anorexia story

by kaylah

I first had problems with eating when I was 7 years old. My life had been turned upside down (I went into care) so I used it as a way to control things. When I was 10 things settled down a bit although it took me a long time to learn to eat. At 12 I had another move to a new family which was a bad one. At first I started skipping lunch then breakfast and finally everything It caused so many fights within the house but I thought I had the control it was all I wanted. 14 brought another move and my eating improved a lot but not for long. By that stage it was too late I thought I had control but the anorexia did. By 15 I only weighted 5stone. I was in a mental health hospital twice for other problems yet nobody noticed I had one doctor convinced I was healthy (she hadn't realised healthy for a 11 year old) through out the years I continued to struggle with my eating disorder but it wasn't until I was 18 (the day of my 18th) that my doctor diagnosed anorexia yet I was never given any help by doctors. Nearly 2 years later and I still struggle but I'm doing a lot better than I was I'm at a healthy weight, have stopped using laxatives and over exercising I still have bad days even weeks but I know Ill keep fighting this with all my willpower....

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