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Just like a may seem impossible to achieve

(New Zealand)

I am 25 years old and i guess have had bulimia for about 4 years but it had become very bad in the past year. I vowed id stop id change, tomorrow will be different, i bet you have all thought it and said it before.

I thought i possessed the mental strength to do so after completing a marathon this year i realised anything is possible once you put your mind to it, however this is quite posibly the biggest challenge yet. How can something so stupid be so hard to overcome. Everything goes along fine until i get stressed and that when my world crumbles and i reach for the cupboard. I no longer buy treats and have kept bread well of the shopping list but that wont stop me. i find myself devouring anything in sight as fast as i can because i know soon i will head to the bathroom to be sick. Its a disgusting cycle and afterwards you are left feeling guilty, depressed and feeling terrible.

How can i break this cycle? Learn to deal with stress and tough times without turning to food. Get out and socialise so i am not stuck at home where temptation is so great. I wish i knew the answer and it was that simple. i have to get well as i do competitive sport in summer and my work is so demanding i cannot afford to fall back into the black hole again.

One step at a time, just like a marathon you will hit the wall at 30kms but you have to find the strength to finish the race.....

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