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Just gave birth

by anne

My baby is 2 1/2 months old and i have been really worried about my weight i have always been a small girl and i am not used to looking in the mirror and seeing fat. I have began to throw up after i eat to help get my weight down and sometimes i skip meals. When i do eat its very little. Can this be safe for my body since i did just give birth?

Shaye Says

Hi Anne,

Bulimia is never, ever safe for your body... Especially when you are trying to recover from carrying a child and breastfeeding.

Your body will weight will go back down given time... For now, please try to focus on being healthy for you and your baby!

Bulimia can get out of hand very quickly... The last thing you want is to lose total control over it as happened to me and so many others.

Start working on recovering now - and you will have a long and healthy life ahead of you to enjoy with your little one :)

All the best,

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