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Just came out about bulimia a few months ago. How to tell my mom about it...

I've been bulimic for about two years now. I've been dieting since about 6th grade and nothing worked. When I went off to college a few years ago I restricted and worked out like crazy and purged occasionaly and the weight finaly just fell right off. However, I've never been over weight, I just went from being average to being on the verge of under weight. I couldn't restrict any more so I just started binging and purging daily. I run races as a hobby and started having problems with my health this summer which I assumed was from the bulimia. I came clean to my doctor and she was and has been so supportive, caring and non-judgmental about everything. I have recently started telling my close friends about it and it has helped a lot with my eating patterns. I'm also seeing a therapist. However, I feel bad not telling my parents, but at the same time I feel that they know. I've been using their insurance for all of my health care needs for this. I know they've gotten statements in the mail pertaining to the diagnostic code my therapist billed under (bulimia). Also my mom told me I'm starting to look like I have a problem so I should watch whatever I'm doing to keep my weight down, she's seen my toilet seat and wall by my toilet with food residue from purging multiple times and said that's gross. I have an intuitive feeling she had a problem with food when she was younger and that's how she's picked up on my signs. How do I talk to her about this? Do you think she knows or am I reading into it to much?

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