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Just a girl with a touch of Bulimia

by Tessa


I'm 17 and yes, I did have bulimia for a phase of 4 months, here's the trigger of the emotional rollercoaster that spun out of control and which threw me to the fridge occasionally.

Just before my crucial exams my dad tells me about my mum's affair. It was his plan to tell my younger siblings in the summer holidays, so that their education (and exams happening at the same time as mine) wouldn't be wrecked, this meant 3 months of pretending to my mother like I was oblivious, day in, day out.

Simultaenously he told me he'd had leukemia for a year and 1/2 and hadn't told anyone-even when the doctor told him he had only 18 months to live.

It's fair to say in those 4 months I was scared and scarred.

I remember crying on the train, by myself...the commuters must have thought they were sat next to a crazy person.

Right now, with 7 days left of acting (that's when my sblings break up for the summer), I know I DESERVE better.

The throwing up has gone, but the binging is still a weekly battle.
It's moderating food intakes that is my biggest hurdle, after that, I reckon I'll be cured.

But I've got through this in one piece. Slowly, I'll get there. Why? Because if I could get through this, then I can beat anything. I'm so GLAD this has happened to me, its made me a billion times stronger, hey that sounds like a recovering bulimic to me.

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