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Journey With Ed

by Happy_jammin
(Daly city, California)

One day, I finally decided to be active and healthy. So I thought I should do more activities to keep me off not doing anything, especially with my health. So I told myself that I have to try hiking since I love traveling and so as nature.

First time I tried hiking. As a result, I struggled climbing the hills. But it didn't stop me from trying it again the next time. It is just a start, keep trying. I said.

The next time I tried it. I'm getting used to it and even reached the top of the hill without struggling. It feels so good, and it happened a few more times.

But not every time it will be successful, There are few trials that we have to overcome each passing day in our life. We often face our personal problems that sometimes the outcome is unpleasant. We lost our focus and control in life over those temptations in front of us.

After I found and picked up myself on the edge of the cliff, I decided to bring a friend along my journey. Ed and I team up for the climb of my life to success. As I climb up the mountain, I was distracted by Ed, and end up on the edge of the cliff once again. I was trying to hold on as much as I can. While I'm hanging on the edge, something flashes on my mind telling me to focus on my goals, take control of your life. Ed will never be the answer for your success.

Those uphill and downhill battle that I have been through, made me tougher, more focused. Even I haven't reached the top of the mountain. I'm not giving up, I dont need Ed to be successful. All I need is willpower, focus and faith in myself, I can be successful. I can reach the top.

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