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I've been bulimic since 3rd grade

by Shannon

Hello my name is Shannon and I have been bulimic since third grade. I am now 48 and still struggling. I am so lonely and in need of a friend. I have a wonderful husband who has no idea I am bulimic. I have gone for months without a purge and I hope after today I can be purge free again. It all started again when my oldest child went off to college. I feel so sad without her. I know that she is where she should be but I miss her so much. I didn't realize how hard it would be without her. I've never been outgoing and have no idea how to make new friends. My husband travels all the time and it's so lonely. I tried to get counseling and the therapist completely disregarded everything and she is a eating disorder specialist. I guess since I'm not 20 she doesn't think it's possible to need help. I don't want to suffer anymore I think 40 plus years is enough. Why do I do it? I just feel worse in the end. Please Lord give me some relief from this pain.

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