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by cindy

I would just like to firstly say I think this page is amazing and it is so helpful to know that others share the same problem as me and I dont have to be alone in this.

Anyways, I thought it was a recent thing but now thinking about it I have realised I have ALWAYS been a binge eater.. I use food to make me feel happy :( anytime Im alone I will eat my favourite things or I will sneak downstairs when everyones asleep and consume anything I can find. I mainly binge on foods that people will not find out about such as; spoonfulls of peanut butter or ice cream and I will discard wrappers in my bedroom where no one will find them. I always tell myself I am never binging again but a few days of punishing my body for what I did by not eating, I will only again go and binge eat.. I just dont know how to stop or change this ridiculous unhealthy habbit!!!!!!!!

thankyou for the support guys, were all in this together xxxxxxxxxx

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