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It's Never Too Late to Stop the Waste

by Laurz
(Ontario Canada)

And by waste I mean waste. Waste of life, of time, of money, of food, of love, of caring, of knowing who you are and could be, rather than drowning it in a sea of pain eaten and then disgarded.

My story is too long to tell here. I'm working on sharing more and more of it on my site bullimiaddict on wordpress. You're welcome to go visit. It's a compilation of this and that, and 30 years in the making. Bulimia is NOT just about teenagers. Not just about youth. It's just about people who were misguided at the beginning and for some it becomes worse as it goes on. It's not really a diet. It's a lack of self-esteem, turned diet, turned wrong.

I hate the word "disease" as they call it. I'll take "coping mechanism" any day over that. And when you learn to cope in other means, it's easier to give it up.

I never had scarred fingers,I willed myself. I just thought about it and made it happen. I think I'm an anomaly in that. But if I can will without force, but by brain, something like that, I could will health and recovery. And I did.

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