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It gets so hard sometimes

by Arja

Hi there!

I have been bulimic for about 1 and a half years, of which for the last six months I tried to recover but slipped and got back up hundreds of times... Now it got a little bit better. No binging/purging for a few weeks except for one slip that happened 2 weeks ago.

I have suffered from bloating before. I know how awful it is and how frustrating it can get. But now it is worse than ever! I look really pregnant (4 months at least) and have even gotten a few comments about that. Considering my small frame and tiny arms it even made me think that I could be pregnant so I checked that option too.

I am feeling really frustrated and wonder will it ever really go away? I thought I was getting better and everything is getting in place but these two weeks have been a true hell! Is it EVEN possible that just one binge/purge got me here? How long it can last?

Anyway girls, I am gonna continue. These little voices in my head may scream as hard as they want, there is no turning back now. Hope all of you will fight back too! xoxo

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