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It feels like it never ends...

by Melinda
(Mercedes, tx usa)

As a child i was always a little bit on the heavy side. I got ridiculed in middle school and my older sister who was always prettier and thinner would call me names. It didn't hit me til i was out of high school that i decided to do something about it. It's been six years and im still trying to fight mia. I throw up everything i eat. I feel sick if i let the food stay in for more than an hour. I am married with a child and even during my pregnancy i couldn't over come it. I thank god that my selfishness didnt cause complications for my son. My husband is the only one that knows about my ed. He says it doesnt bother him. But i feel like im just stuck. I do feel the affects of mia sometimes and i want to get help. I guess its easier to stay quiet then to have my family find out. I never spoke to anyone who has this and i feel like im the only one in my town that is going through this and if people found out i had it they will think differently of me. If theres any one who is going through the same situtation id like to hear your advice. thanks for reading

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