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is my recovery process normal?

by shantel smith
(los angeles, California, US)

Hi there, I'm 17 and was struggling with bulimia since November of last year...

It only just got worse about 3 months ago - But, I fight it pretty well for pretty long and I don't do it often...

I shared it with my mom and she was understanding and only wants to help me. Shes made an appointment with a counselor for next week.

The last time I purged was about a week ago & ive been doing really great at avoiding the eating disorder thoughts and not freaking out over a little weight gain. I'm in a good place right now but.....

The problem is the constant diarrhea im experiencing now. Its never happened before but all of sudden this week I've had diarrhea every day, all day, after every meal.

I also experience bloating all the time which I've learned is normal. Is the rest normal? And, because I was not a severe case of bulimia, how long will it take for my body to function normally again?

Shaye Says

Hi Shantel,

Well done for telling your mom about your bulimia - and for getting help this early on... I know so many women who, if they could turn back time, would do just what you're doing now!

The bloating your experiencing is very normal in recovery... But, as for the terrible diarrhea your having, I haven't heard of this...

Everybody does react differently though, so this could just be your bodies way of responding to food again... However, I'd probably go to the GP if I were you just to get things checked out... Especially if it doesn't improve very soon...

The problem with diarrhea is that it messes with the levels of electrolytes - which can be very dangerous. So, just to be on the safe side, I'd go to a doctor.

I hope it all goes well!

Bye for now,

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