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Is it possible not to get bloated in bulimia recovery?

How long does it take during recovery to become bloated?

Whenever I travel, I do not binge/purge at all. Last summer, I was at a camp for 5 days, and never threw up at all. However, I never got bloated. I don't throw up at school or in the mornings before school, so does that have something to do with my non-bloatedness?

I'm just really scared about the whole bloating thing, but I really want to beat this before college. Thanks!

Shaye Says

Hi there!

You're right... Getting bloated is often directly related to your stomachs ability to process your food... So, if it's been processing some food in the past with no problems - then I would expect your bloating to be much less extreme (if at all) during your recovery.

This is awesome news because it is, for most people, one of the biggest stumbling blocks in recovery.

Best of luck with everything - You can do this!


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