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Is it dangerous to go on a diet after bulimia recovery?

by Christina

Hi Shaye,

I'm on my way to recovery and it's already getting better...there were some times when I lost control but I always caught myself again and started again, trying to be patient. I hope I will make it someday to get healthy again. The problem is, I'm gaining a lot of weight at the moment but I try to focus on eating regularly and healthy meals. But as much as I'm trying to accept my body the way it is now... I just can't. But I'm really sure that if I lose some weight, just about the 5kg I've gained during the last time, then I will be able to accept my body and my weight. I'm afraid that bulimia will come back because I will be unhappy about my weight after recovery. So my question is: May I go on a diet (just reducing carbs and fat and doing lost of sports so I will lose my 5kg) when I'm really sure to be NOT bulimic anymore? And how can I know if I'm ready for losing some weight without going back to bulimia? Or is it too dangerous if I ever try again to lose weight?

Shaye Says

Hi Christina!

Thank you for writing - your question is such a good one and it inspired my to write an article about my experience with dieting and bulimia recovery... You can read it here.

As you'll see from that article, I definitely think it's not a good idea to diet. You are doing so well with your recovery and dieting could put it all in jeopardy. I know the weight gain in recovery can be frustrating - but I promise a large amount of it is your body rehydrating after being dehydrated for so long.

As you walk the recovery journey even further, your weight will settle at it's natural point where it will stay while you eat in an enjoyable and healthy way. This may mean that you stay at the weight you are now, it may mean you gain a little more, or it may mean you drop some weight. Everyone is different in the way their body functions...

I hope you decide to take my advice... I can promise you I have been where you are now - and although it is hard, pushing through this tough time with a healthy, non-diet food plan is the best thing to do!


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