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Is it a good sign? Not so focused on bulimia recovery...

by Ji

Hi Shaye,

I am a little confused. It is almost a month binge purge free with 3 or 4 single slip ups. I binge/purged 2 days ago, but I found out I was almost normal, coz I felt sick the next day and no urges to b/p, like a normal person would react-if they threw up the night before... They would feel bad the next day and would not want to do it again. I got very nervous because of uni today and I thought if b/p came, but I just thought that it would make me feel worse and will not help me at all. The thing I am not sure of is that I am not so focused on recovery anymore. I make sure it is going well, but I focus on other aspects in my life. Also, before I was day and night writing blogs and comments, and now I am not so interested in reading or writing there.

Is this normal?

Thanks for everything again!


Shaye Says

Hi Ji,

It's natural for the motivation to actively work on bulimia recovery to ebb and flow.. To come and go... After all, it can feel like a lot of work...

It's important to realise that this is just part of the recovery process...

You have had a great month with only 3 or 4 slips - and this is definitely a sign that you're getting stronger. if I were you, I'd try to keep up the structured eating until your binge/purge urges are mostly gone... even completely gone. If it begins to feel too rigid... You can always make it a bit more flexible... Eg... stop planning what you are going to eat, and just keep the timing of the structured eating in place...

Don't force yourself to write blogs/comments etc... Just do it when you feel it will be helpful to you.

It's great that you're also focusing on other aspects of your life... This is part of the journey... Just try to split your focus between recovery and all those other things and you'll continue to make great progress...

Bye for now Ji!


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