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is eating loads of fruit or vegetables still a binge

by nicola

I find I often eat excess amounts of fruit and vegetables... I don't vomit it up but am I considered a binge eater? I do it to try and help my constipation.

I'm still a bit below my healthy weight but worried about how I eat... ie. Amounts of even the healthy food... I also find I don't feel satisfied without carbohydrates and feel deprived without them, but really limit and fear these... Even though they are for energy... I'm talking about healthy carbs, like wholegrains, wholewheat, oats,rice, pasta, jacket potatoes...

Thanks so much for listening...

Shaye Says

Hi there Nicola,

The definition of a binge eating is when you eat lots of food in a short space of time and most importantly, you feel out of control. If you are doing it to get your bowels working (because you suffer from constipation) then it doesn't sound like binge eating...

But, you do sound like you are walking on a dangerous road being so fearful of specific foods... To avoid developing an eating disorder, I would suggest that you begin to learn how to love your body - despite it's shape and size.

Start nurturing hobbies and interests that don't focus on body or appearance... For example, taking up art and even working with animals are a few that people on my site have tried before...

Remember that food is your friend - it's there to nourish your body and give you energy to live.

I hope this helps :)


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