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Ipecac Bulimia... A do or a Don't?

Ipecac bulimia is when a bulimic purges using a substance called Ipecac...

The big question is... Can ipecac bulimia be a safer way of purging than using self induced vomiting or laxatives?

No, no no!

Ipecac abuse is extremely dangerous... It's far worse than purging in any other way! Please, if you're using ipecac - stop... Don't put your body thorough it!


Why is 'Ipecac bulimia' So dangerous?

Ipecac is a type of emetic... An emetic is a substance that induces vomiting. This might sound like the answer to all your prayers - but, it comes with some pretty serious side effects...

Many of these side effects can, and often do, result in death.

Ipecac is NOT meant to be taken frequently... It's designed to be given to people when they eat something extremely poisonous or toxic... And, even then, they're supposed to be watched by a doctor.

In fact, modern doctors seldom recommend Ipecac any more - as it's risks can far outweigh it's benefits...

So, what makes Ipecac so dangerous? Well, firstly it's toxic...

But secondly, ipecac has a very long half life...

This basically means that it stays in your body for a long time before it can be broken down and passed out. So, if you continually abuse ipecac, it will build up in your system to an eventually fatal level.

Ipecac has so many serious side effects that it is considered to be the most dangerous form of purging.

Death From Ipecac Bulimia

People can die from abusing Ipecac... One of the most famous people to lose their battle with this dangerous condition was the singer Karen Carpenter...

Ipecac did severe and irreversible damage to her heart which caused her to go into cardiac arrest and die.

So much talent... Such a waste...

What is this world coming to that we believe the numbers on the scale are worth more than our very own lives?

I remember so clearly being blinded by the desire to be perfect - which, back then, meant rake thin. It fueled my decade long bulimic battle...

I look back now and I think "All that for a number!"

I don't need to weight "X" kg's or pounds to be beautiful - and neither do you.



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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