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In recovery and bloating

by carly

Hi Shaye,

Thank you so much for all your advice and this wonderful advice, you are truly an angel sent from heaven!

Summer is coming soon and im really scared that I won't be able to be able to wear a bikini or anything because of the bulimia bloat!

I started to "recover" about 3 weeks ago, but I have slipped up and I feel SO ASHAMED about it. I was doing so well! I was hoping that by May 3rd I would be bulimia free for a month, but I actually purged on friday...after 3 weeks!

Do you think there is still hope that I won't be too bloated by the time I go home for vacations (May 11). That's like 2 weeks and a half from now - when the bloat is expected to be the worst!

I really dont want my family to see me in the worst of the bloating! Im exercising regularly, drinking alot of fluid, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I know im retaining water and everything, but I just feel like I threw away all my progress this last Friday.

Is there any advice you can give me or inspiration to be optimistic about the bloat - even when seeing everyone again. I already went through almost 2.5 weeks without bingeing and purging and enduring the horrible bloat, all for nothing, since its probably going to repeat itself when I see everyone agian.

HELP!! (sorry i hope i make sense!)

You are truly the best Shaye, Thank you so much

Shaye Says

Hi Carly!

Wow, you are doing so well - PLEASE don't be disappointed in yourself for slipping... That is a tiny hiccup in the scheme of this recovery journey... I promise you it is! It is very normal to slip up - try to treat yourself kindly and ask why you did it - rather than criticize yourself for doing it... Replace criticism with curiosity!

And one slip won't put you back at step 1 in terms of beating the bulimia bloat... Think of it as 20 steps forward and maybe one or two back... Jump back on the path and keep putting one foot in front of the other - and nothing will be lost!

I would DEFINITELY suggest that before you go home - you go to the shops and buy yourself some new, nice, loose fitting clothes... That doesn't mean they have to be nerdy or old fashioned... Think baby doll dresses, high belted loose hippy dresses and so on... They are really stylish and hide any bloating really well!

Whenever you're feeling tired of the bloating - remind yourself that it is your tummy healing and say:


Keep up your awesome work Carly - life is so beautiful and simple once bulimia is replaced with health and happiness! You can do it!


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