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I'm scared of weight gain in bulimia recovery!!!!

by A.D
(New York)

I've had a problem with eating and throwing up for about 2 years now, some times its worst than other times but I fear gaining weight a lot.

When I was throwing up every meal and exercising a lot I liked how skinny I was getting and I tried to stop many so times...

But now I told my parents that I have a problem and I really do want to stop. Ever since I started slowing down on throwing up after eating, I've gained about 10 pounds, within 3 weeks.

I don't want to take anti depressants to stop purging, I want to just fight the urges and talk to counselors and get through it. I haven't thrown up in 3 days now and I'm proud of myself but I still eat a lot and I've gained a lot of weight. I feel big!

I have my mind set that I'm not going to throw up but I don't want to get fat. Can you give me some tips about this please? I don't really know what to do.

Shaye Says

Hi A.D!

Well done on all the awesome steps you are taking towards recovery... Telling your parents is a huge step forward - and going 3 days without throwing up is massive progress - I am glad you are proud of yourself ... you should be!

I remember very clearly the fear of weight gain that you are talking about... I used to have nightmares about gaining weight... It terrified me! But the truth is bulimia recovery won't make you gain endless amounts of weight... In time, your body will settle at it's natural point... where you will be healthiest and most energetic... Your hair will shine and your skin will glow :)

I have written two articles for past newsletters which I think would help you a lot...

The first one is on how to heal your metabolism after suffering from bulimia - click here to read it.

And the other one is titled "Will you gain weight in your bulimia recovery?" - This article teaches you what the weight you gain in recovery ACTUALLY is... because often, only a small % of it is fat! Click here to read that article.

I hope that these help you out! Remember, bulimia recovery isn't always easy - and it does take time... but, the rewards of living a life without bulimia are worth it! You can do this!


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