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I'm 21, almost 22 I need to start my life.

At the beginning of my senior year my battle with bulimia began. Now at 21 almost 22 I've continued to fight what feels like a never ending battle. I honestly feel as thought this awful addiction of mine has kept me from so much in life. Doing what I do makes me very depressed and drops my self esteem to the point where if I do hang out with others it is only those that I know are "bad" for me, primarily boys. While all my other friends traveled away to college, I stayed at home and continued to work where I have been the past 4 years.

I've had stints of remission, in which one time I went an entire two weeks without binging. I felt great, my heart and breathing began to feel better, was much more confident and productive, my face began to clear and was no longer swollen, and had a positive attitude and outlook on my future. However, so quickly that changed once another binging session took control.

I want to take control, but how...I attempted counseling a few different times to try and figure out the root of my problem, but only after 4 or 5 sessions she thought I was good to go...So not true.

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