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If you're teen is falling asleep in class or lacking energy in general

by brit

I know that when I would throw up repeatedly day after day, I would feel so exhausted and fatigued afterwards, I could hardly walk. I'm not even joking. Going up stairs was a nightmare. I remember one morning I was walking to class and I also felt my heart skipping and stopping and jumping around in my chest as if I was going to have a heart attack. It freaked me out. My body was strained and my muscles were so sore especially in my back and sides, that I would have trouble walking and bending my back. Look out for teens who look and act much much older than their age, as if their bones and muscles are fragile and weak.
I'd be so tired, it would physically show on my face (sunken, dead, bloodshot eyes). I would get to the point of laying my head on my desk and almost falling asleep countless times form my weakness and fatigue. Because I would be so tired from throwing up, I wouldn't focus so I'd miss so much lecture, and then my time would be consumed with eating and purging in secret at home, that I wouldn't do my homework and my grades would sink. So if your child or teen's grades are slipping, yet you always see them in their room supposedly doing their homework, they just might be purging and wasting their time, like I did. Purging may also be more appealing especially if you know them to be procrastinators. Purging is a way of stalling and avoiding work, at least for me.

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