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I will recover from bulimia ...

I have been suffering from bulimia for years. I cant really remember when it started but I was a child. I am now 28 and trying hard to recover. Ive done hypnotherapy and I'm doing therapy at the moment and till now its seems to getting worse. I have "good" days and very "bad" days. One day I got so angry after binging that I start to hurt myself and got all bruised.

Lately ive been binging around 2x to 3x a day everyday and my throat its so sore and my voice is deeper ..

I am considering taking antidepressants to help with my mood swings ...i read once that it helped some bulimics controlling the binge.

Im scared through , but at the moment I am feeling weak ....I trying my best to keep positive , like one step at the time.

I found this website very helpful as I noticed all the stories are sooooooo similar to mine!

Reading the stories makes feel stronger . If these people with such similar situation recovered I will too.

The only thing I wanna do at the moment is to go though one week without binging and purging!

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