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I was only "Bulimic" for about 6 months, now I can't stop gaining weight.

by Kirsten
(Florida, USA)

I am 5'5" and about a month ago I weighed Xlbs, which I felt was too high, considering a year before I weighed X (which I now realize is too low.) but X felt comfortable enough for me to eat comfortably and kind of fatty. For a year straight I never gained nor lost a pound. At some point I felt like purging 2/3 meals would help me maintain that weight even more or better yet, lose a couple pounds. I realized it was tearing up my body and decided to stop and intake 1200 to 1600 calories a day. After I stopped I climbed to X, X and now I weigh Xlbs and can not stand it. A whole Xlbs in a month...I'm wondering, can such a short time of purging make me gain that much weight? Or is it something else? I am not pregnant. Also, will I be this weight forever (I heard about the body's 'reset weight') I am going to start strength training and I understand that I will gain muscle weight, but will my metabolism be this bad forever? Please help with any information at all...this rapid weight gain is all that consumes my mind.

Shaye Says

Hi there Kirstin!

I'm glad to hear that you are pushing toward recovery :)

Some initial weight gain in recovery is very common. The reason is that dieting and purging effects your thyroid function and makes your metabolism slow right down. If you continue to eat regularly and nourish yourself with enough food (around 2000 calories a day is quite normal for an adult woman) your metabolism will speed up and you'll settle at your natural weight. try to accept this weight, because it's where you'll thrive!

Lots of love,

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