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I want and need to stop!

by siobhan

My name is siobhan and I have been battling with bulimia for over 12 years. I have recieved help to stop and I have stopped, but I fall back into it again. As soon as something bad in my life happens especially with relationships, my old way of thinking starts and I am back doing it again! I hate it and I don't feel good when I do it, I just hate the thoughts of being fat even more. I know it doesn't work but I find it so hard to resist food and to stop eating when I am full. I went for help 12 months ago and I actually went nearly 9 months without purging and I only had a few binges and the self disgust feeling you get, it actually past. I was happier in myself probably the happiest and most confident I have been in a long time! But since Christmas it has gone down hill, I put up weight and now all I can think about is losing it! I am so tired of my life being centred around food I want it to stop so badly,I feel like I am after undoing everything I had worked so hard on to change about my self! I want to stop and I need to stop! Help

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