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I think I'm bulimic

by Maddy

As a kid, I was more on the "healthy" side and was often teased for being fat. When I was 13, I began hating the way I looked and desperately wanted to lose weight. I think that's the time I became anorexic. I ate as less as X calories a day and spent time cooped up in my dark room.
I'm 15 now and have recovered from anorexia ( I still don't know how) but I think I am bulimic. I don't vomit when I eat meals but I throw up every time I eat ice cream, chocolates or any other sweet/fatty foods. I've tried to stop myself from vomiting, but in the end I just find myself bending over the toilet bowl throwing up. I always feel guilty after doing this. I'm very worried because recently I came across this article that said bulimics die because their esophagus weakens and tears because of throwing up a lot.
Do you think I am bulimic? I am very ashamed to talk to anyone about this. I really want to recover from this.
Please help. :"(

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