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I need help with bulimia

by jennifer

I've been bulimic off and on for almost 8 years. I can't keep the secret anymore and don't want to scare you away or make you feel responsible for anything. I am just asking for support and the hope that you will not think less of me. I came to realize that by hiding the secret and holding all this in is jeopardizing our friendship. I hope this makes you understand my impulsive behavior lately and the reason i seem so stressed. I have been looking for help, but appreciate you so much as a friend, and not telling you to feel obligated to do anything, or make you feel uncomfortable, just think I need to reach out. we both know how lonely it is to live alone, and keeping a big secret on top of it is really starting to affect me. I'm hoping by just getting it out there can help. I really hope this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.

- Jen keep

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