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I literally look 9 months pregnant!

by mary
(las vegas)

I entered recovery from bulimia a little over a year ago after being admitted to a mental health facility for multiple mental disorders. However, I've been struggling with the recovery and (I won't lie) have relapsed a few times. One of the most difficult parts of recovery for me has been the extreme bloating I experience! My stomach gets so bloated I look 9 months pregnant. And that is not an exaggeration. My mother even asked me if I was pregnant at one point! It is so frustrating. After coming to this site I am definitely going to try drinking the herbal tea before breakfast. I already try to wear looser clothing and exercise and drink plenty of water. One of the other hardest parts of recovery is being kind to myself when experiencing the bloating....because as a bulimic I am very critical of myself and my body and also have a very distorted self/body image. I have a long road ahead of me. Wish me luck guys. Good luck with recovery guys, let's not give up!

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