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I just need the motivation to really live my life!

by THE Binge eater who need's your help
(united states)

Hello, I am 18 years old, I used to be overweight when I was a child and lost about 70 puonds. Making me very thin and on the border line of anorexia. Luckily I overcame that and but I am suffering from binge eating. I don't have any motivation, my family is not beside me and I do not want to worry them with my problems being so far away. I diet all day then and feel like I have control, then at night I binge eat. Then in the morning I binge eat even morn, then starve my self all day. This is destroying my life, I try to hide from social events because I don't want to overeat but then I overeat anyways because I am depressed that my condition is preventing me from being outgoing and social (the way I used to be). I only want to lose about X pounds for me to be perfectly healthy and happy. I am also a nut freak when it comes to health and calories, I know the calories in almost all western foods. I also have an addiction to gum. I chew one to four packs a day, which is not good for you I know! I want to stop it, it's hurting my wallet (2 dollars a pack on something not helpful or necessary for living) which as a Student I can't afford. Binge eating has destroyed me, physically and emotionally. I really want to change please if there is any one willing to offer me advice, motivation please leave a comment.

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