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I have fallen back into my old patterns. HELP! ):

by Eva VanHorn

When I first shared on here, I was doing so well batteling. I have since fallen back into my old habits, slowly but surely. I am reaching out for advice. I have had things happen which has called changes in my living patterns. This has brought on additional stress and financial problems. I have tried to be strong and tell myself that I am beautiful just the way that I am, throwing up won't make me look or feel better. But no matter how often I look in the mirror and say positive things, I just can't get away from my negative thoughts about myself. I have good things going for me too, despite the negative but being truly happy with these accomplishments are just not reachable for me. I cry every day. I am a big mess on the inside but hold it together and "put on a show" for the rest of the world on the outside. I am so tired. Please help.

Shaye Says

Hi Eva,

I am so sorry you are struggling precious girl. And I am sorry it took me some time to get to your message.

Sometimes things happen in life, and we fall back into old habits... But always know that what worked the first time around can work again. Start practicing self love... Start structured eating (3 meals and 3 snacks a day, 3 hours apart) - and make recovery your priority... because you deserve to be free of this!

xx Shaye

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