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I had almost given up hope of recovery...

by Heather

I am 31 years old and have suffered with Bulimia and Anorexia for 7 years. Things hit rock bottom when I was 26 after bloods revealed dangerously low electrolytes and I was immediately admitted to hospital. The doctor said I was lucky to be alive as I was so close to cardiac arrest. I spent a month being NG fed before being transferred to an ED inpatient hospital where I stayed for 9 months. Following discharge I continued outpatient treatment for another year. Although I received extensive therapy and nutritional support the Bulimia never stopped. I managed to reach my target weight but I still struggle with binge purge every day. I have kicked drugs, alcohol and smoking addictions out my life but Bulimia is the demon I want to banish more than anything else, yet this seems to be the hardest. I do believe there is another way and I am hopeful this programme can help me achieve this. I have a great life, a fantastic job, house, car and the most amazing family and boyfriend who are both supportive and understanding. We want to have children one day but I need to get healthy first. This is one of my biggest motivations for recovery.

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