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I got my life back - thank you<3

by Rikke Gade 18years old
(Århus - Denmark)

I have had a very troubled life because my mum is a alcoholic since I was 10years old and this has effected me a lot.
I started binging and after that I got anorexia. I recovered from anorexia on the outside but began binging. After that I got bulimia and now i'm finally free.

All diseases have effected my life negatively. I never felt confident or valued what I accomplished if it wasn't perfect. I didn't really love myself. I started binge-eating and purging last year in September- it was the beginning of a nightmare with lies, self-hate, shame, sadness, anxiety and a constant fear of life and myself. I started treatment for bulimia in the end of December and even though I went to therapy and I talked about my problems and learned methods to deal with stress and sadness I wasn't able to use these because bulimia was totally controlling my life.

In May I explored your site and your free recovery program and I took a print of it and started to answer the questions and write my feelings down. I started structuring my eating and every time I binged I analyzed the episode . The binge episodes got rarer and rarer and I totally 'quit' bulimia from one day to another. I went on a diet to get my dream body for the Summer holiday and after losing some kgs I finally felt confident and happy. I stopped purging and I got my life back. I haven't purged since I started on your program and I know that I will never do it again. I'm not a perfectionist anymore and I love myself.

Thank you so much Shaye - you made me take the final step towards recovery and getting my life back on track. You made me feel less alone. I can't imagine to live my life the way I used to. Now I don't feel shame or fear - i'm free.

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