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I feel like a fraud...

by Solly

I feel like a fraud... I've been reading through the stories on this page and my story doesn't even come close. I'm 23 and i have been battling with various forms of disordered eating for the past few years. It started when I unintentionally lost some weight after a break up. People would constantly comment on it and suddenly I became petrified that id put the weight back on (didn't help that the guy coincidentally wanted me back)... So this lead to restricting and that's where my rollercoaster ride began... Anorexia to exercise bulimia to bingeing and then back to bulimia... I just want to go back to the carefree me who ate and enjoyed whatever I wanted. Now food consumes my every thought. The women on this page (and especially you shaye) are such an inspiration. If people who have suffered with it for 10, 20 or more years can recover there's hope for us all. I'm up to day 6 and everyday this website has been a God send. I thank you Shaye and all those amazing women out there who have shared their stories. You are all beautiful individuals who are better than your eating disorder. I need to beat this for my own sanity. If there's anyone out there that can relate or would like a recovery buddy or just someone to talk/ vent to don't hesitate to contact me

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