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i dont want to die :,(

by Sharon
(Perth, Australia)

Hi Shaye...

Im still not ready...more struggling with opening up. but I wanted to write you a quick note - expressing my thankfulness to you! You have triggered me to save my life. I'm signing up to your program after this letter,..

shame. disgust. anger towards myself are amongst the first few things stopping me from talking to anyone..but more than anything I tend to burst into a tirade of tears.. Ive been searching for so long for sites of "self-help" techniques like you did, and finally found your page..and I cant describe how grateful I am and the pure level of utter respect and admiration I have for you!

...I had one of my back teeth fall out in numerous pieces the other day...and never thought much of it...Ive had seriously painful muscle "spasms" around my heart/chest area and just thought it was my asthma (laughable..I know)...

but reading through your site..some of the signs of bulimia are really scary. and more scary than that,...that left me sobbing like a little that I either have..or am experiencing them...I dont want to die :,(

your amazing. and I can only hope to do you proud in my recovery! and scream a big "EFF YOU BULIMIA!!" :)



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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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