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i dont know how i got into this but i want to get out..

by ronny

hey there,i found this site a week ago and i cant stop reading all those familiar stories . i'm dealing with my addiction to eat and purge for 11 years. it all started when i was 14 or 15 (i cant even remember my first time..) and now i'm almost 26. i feel like an actor and all this period is a big went from once a day to first it felt great not to gain weight but now i feel awful. i had a beautiful teeth and now i cant smile. my stomach hurts and i feel tired.i cant hold a relationships for a long time cause deep down i feel depressed and sad. i told my mom about this a few days ago and she didn't beileve me because i never got realy thin in all this time and she thinks that i just want an attention.any advices?

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