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I didn't realize why I felt so heavy and sick after eating

by Kim G

I didn't realize until just recently why I was feeling this way after I ate and kept my food down. It's hard because feeling so full and heavy triggers me back to the bulimia.. But as I'm learning that this is normal, that this is my body reacting to the food is helping me. Even though I'm still having a really hard time. I only have 2 days under my belt right now, but I am determined to get over this. I'm so sick of my body being screwed up and I think I've officially done it to my body too. For years I was able to maintain my weight through bulimia, but it hasn't been until the last year when the Bulimia has really come on full force that my body is starting to retaliate. I feel like I'm gaining weight at lightning speeds and I'm going up more being in recovery and it is so hard. And it is so hard having my tummy bloat out like a balloon, but the thing getting me through right now is knowing that this is all a part of it. This is normal. This is not me getting fat from eating. And hopefully soon everything will adjust. I hope!!!

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